Terrorism alert activates, just a month to Sochi Olympic Games





Less than one month of the Olympic Winter Games Sochi.ru 2014 opening, the neighboring province of Stavropol Kray, activated once again the terrorist alert, before the discovery of 5 people dead in four abandoned car with bullet wounds.

The Stavropol Kray is located just 300 kilometers from Sochi, site of the Winter Olympics, and the coastal city of Krasnodar Kray.



Above: Track Stavropol Kray in the Russian Federation.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB, former KGB) reported that "In the vicinity of one of these vehicles a homemade explosive device was activated, although no one was hurt"

Another explosive device was deactivated using a robot, also said the FSB

At four weeks from starting the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia has focused into the safety of the event, especially after two suicide attacks that jolted the Russian city of Volgograd, also in the south of the country in December 2013.

These two attacks loosed their life of 34 people and left dozens injured.

All these terrorist actions, are allegedly attributed to the North Caucasus Islamist guerrilla.

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed on January the 1st in Volgograd, that authorities will continue the fight against terrorists till "its complete elimination".

Below: The complex ethnic composition of the Caucasus region in southern Russia, makes this geostrategic region, an area in continuous conflict, as it is home of many ethno-linguistic families, most of the great religions, along with the created interest by the control of its valuable natural resources.



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