25 killed at least, in a new violence wave for Kiev




The most violent protests in Kiev, so far, had occurred after the laws that the Ukrainian government approved last January 16, which greatly restricted the rights of assembly and other civil liberties.

Clashes with riot police on that occasion, left 6 dead and hundreds injured.

It seemed that the negotiation process with the opposition, the resignation of Prime Minister Mikola Azarov and the amnesty for all protesters charged with rioting, were bringing to an end, the riots in Kiev.

However, the negotiations appear to have been sterile, and further escalation of violence in the capital of Ukraine in recent hours, has been settled with at least 25 new deaths.


Fighting has already spread to the Independence Square in the heart of the city, with several thousand participants, and the government has mobilized even armored vehicles against the charges of the demonstrators.

The leader of the opposition, Vitaliy Klitschko, accused Yanukovych government of deliberately provoking the protesters, in order they have a reason to violently disperse the protest.

He calls therefore on Western democratic leaders to intervene in to stop this violence.

Below: In left Ukraine map, it is showed the situation of Kiev, so with the teritories were Russian is the mainly speaked language (In red) againts ukrainian. The right map, shows how this practically matches with the zones that suppots Yanukovich, with a pro-Russian policy, against the ones that supports Yulia Timoshenko oppositors leader, in prision since some years ago, and that askes for more authonomy and more closer to the European Union policies.


Klitschko, who was heavyweight boxing world champion, met on Monday in Berlin with Angela Merkel to ask the European Union to impose sanctions on the Uranian government.

The protests seem to drag on, after three months of protests, without apparent favorable results for opponents that give a continuous political meeting in Maidan, which they regard as an "island of freedom" in the city center…


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