Kiev burns up!





While on Wednesday night, President Yanukovych announced a truce, yesterday is already known as Bloody Thursday or Black Tuesday of Kiev.

Charges of protesters who retook part of their initial positions and tried to occupy other government buildings, reaching even to destroy the cobblestone of the streets when pluck them to throw it to the security forces, and  response the security forces were mobilized, including snipers, sown panic yesterday in the center of the capital.



Above: Appearance of the unrest in the first line of barricades


Protesters again came to occupy Grushevskiy street, that was already, witness of another pitched battle, in January of this year, and the Europe square, where the proximity to the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) had made ​​it be vacated as a matter of urgency.

Real fire was opened, with war ammunition, against protesters, so early in the morning there was already about 26 people killed, which amounted to about 65 at noon and around 100 with about 500 injured , when fall night.

Among the injured, 300 of which have required hospitalization, the government stands at 88, member ones of the security forces, 6 the journalists , 4 children, 2 foreigners, without specifying its origin, one a deputy and another, one of the leaders of the opposition.



Above: Injured between protesters after police charges


Protesters ended up taking the halls and cafeterias of several hotels like the Kozatski and the Ukraina ones, both in Independence square, to enable these rooms as makeshift hospitals and casual morgues.

The government stated that snipers only opened fire to allow the evacuation of the security forces who had been trapped and unarmed.

Protesters pressed around two dozen riot policemen, which were practically lynched and carried retained, with no news of what has been their luck so far.

Today early in the morning, the government counted the captured members of the security forces in 60 persons.



Above: Lynching of a member of the security forces, captured by opponents


The shots from government snipers, have been described by some international media of " authentic cold-blooded murder " because, it has been suggested by the doctors who treated the wounded, that they had done them ​​in the vital areas, accurately and in a such purposeful way, that they could not apply any care, that avoided their death.

Apparently , the more violent charges the protesters would have occurred , just after the report of the Minister of Home Affairs , in which he stated that a protesters sniper had wounded over twenty physicians of security forces.



Above: Snipers of the security forces shooting protesters


Opponents claim that were the army snipers who opened fire without cause from the roofs of several buildings like the conservatory one, which sniper, they had captured.

After that, the onslaught of protesters armed with sticks, bats and axes was so intense that the riot police was forced to abandon their positions.



Above: Protesters march on the traces of blood on the floor


Protesters have released images where can be seen government snipers targeting protesters and the statements of several journalists who were counting the corpses lying on the floor of the plaza, stated that all were civilians.

One of their victims seem to have been Olessiya Zhukovskaya, a young 21 years , which was providing its services as volunteer nurse to opponents and apparently died after being hit by a shot in the neck, but not before spreading from his twitter sentence: "I'm dying".

Other informations, however, claimed this morning, which she had been already operated and even had regained consciousness.



Above: Olessiya Zhukovskaya operating as volunteer nurse sanitary, attending the wounds of the protesters. Below, moment when she left the square, with a shot wound in the neck and image of the "tweet" in which she announced she was dying


The pressure of international protests led to Yanukovych to meet with the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland, although for a few hours the meeting had to be suspended for security reasons.

Secretaries of NATO, United Nations, and the presidents of Russia and the United States, among others, have also made statements about it.



Above: Women communicating with their families, while the bodies removed from the street


The mayor of Kiev and 12 other deputies, also announced his resignation yesterday to charges they occupied by the development of events.

The same chief of High staff of the army, Vladimir Zamata, was dismissed Wednesday, just by dissensions with the Government about the role to be taken by security forces in protests.



Above: Several victims of snipers, that did not discriminate by age or sex even when sanitary corps approached to remove the wounded ones

The riots also left yesterday, to be present just only in the capital, when throughout the day, it was told about their extension to several cities in the west of the country, as Ternopol, Lutsk, Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk, located in the ethnically Ukrainian half Ukraine, and also the most pro-European, as opposed to the mostly Russian speaker and ethnical one, and that is closer to the influence of the Kremlin.

This scenario, as said Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, is presented closer to the dreaded civil war in the country.


Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Independence Square, in the tourist heart of Kiev, was shown yesterday with the appearance of a battlefield


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